Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Business Of Ferrets

For a few years now my husband has told me of his ferret he had as a kid. All the joys of playing, chasing, and being chased by his ferret. All the times that his grandmother would wake up in bed being cuddled with his little fuzzybutt and scream until the fuz had been taken away. The last couple of months I have been searching through adds to fid our own little fuzzy. I had started becuase I had seen an add for two ferret with cage and other supplies for free, the family just didn't have the time for them and thought why not. Gave them number a call and found they had been taken within 5 minute of having the add posted. A few months later again anohter add was posted and agian gone before 5 minutes time. Just another of those if it was meant to be, it would be. As it would happen we came across an add the week before Christmas for two ferrets a dew(white) and Sable (dark brown like a racoon) and was surprised to find that they were ours. We just happened to be at my husbands parents visiting and leaving the boys to continue to visit we went to pick up the ferrets. The net morning the boys got to wake up and investigate the new fuzzy creature in the cage sitting in the kitchen. The names choosen were (AL)ligator for the male sable 1 year old and Otter for the female dew 8 months old. The first week was fiiled with laughs and amazed stares as we all watched them hop along and weasle dance. The ferrets and the kids running and chasing each other and having a ball of fun. After reading a few books on training and diet we started looking for other adds to add to or business. Luckily after Christmas we were in luck another add had been posted for two female sable ferrets 6 months and 1 year. Our business is up and going. Never thought I'd love anything as much as I love cats, boy was I wrong.

Baby Fever

It's that time of year where it's not quite spring but it's not bungle under the armory of sweats and blankets to stay warm. That time of year where every other woman you know is either pregnant or has just had their adorable bundles of joy. That inevitable time of the year where baby fever starts to grab a hold of your ticking clocks and your heart. Baby fever jus tthe thought of makes many wemon go crazy. Well not this woman instead I've decided to ransack my yarn room and bring out all of my soft, baby yarns and start making baby lankets to watch some of the new stitches and techniques I have been dieing to try. So far since Christmas I have made five simple crochet blankets. two of these balnkets were made for a facebook page give away. Two have been made for my daycare kiddos who are expecting another sibling. I hop to continue making blankets throughout the year to add to goal of paying it forward to a childrens hospital or a special girl or boy that has been diagnosed with cancer.