Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Day Full of Wonders!!!

Yesterday started like that of any day. 6:00 Alarm went off...dismiss...6:30 Alarm goes off...dismiss...two more different alarms go off....6:40 urgh time to get my butt out of bed. Get the kiddos breakfast, make Sebastian's lunch for school. 7:10 Walk Sebastian to the sechhol bus, 7:20 then walk back to the house. Vacumn and tidy house up for the daycare kiddos. 8:00 house is clean chickens fed and water, ferrets, food and water. Wait for the kiddos to show up as I check my messages, update my Neurotic Gypsy Designs FB page. And, Oh wait, what is this. I received a won a give-away...Wait what!!!....Lol I had completely forgotten that I had entered into give-away a few weeks back. Sadly I'm not too great at color work (that's what my husband is for) plus to help with my lack of crochet books and patterns to further my skills in the the general crochet it finally hit me, duh! Oh yeah big dumby. I was thrilled the day was starting out great. My one daycare kiddo arrived worked on building lego forts and castles. Did a bit of writting letter A, and B. Lunch, story time, nap.....phew break for the crazy non stop lady. Got to work on a few rows of my tam that is still in the process of being completed. I'm loving the varigated grey/black brim effect, then turning into the solid darker grey. Already high hopes of doing a second grey/black brim, with a black (maybe a bit bigger for my thickening locks as well as length). Picked Sebatian up from the bs stop at 2:40. Sebastian recieved his certificate for progressing to First Grade. Phew!!!! What a relief!!! If you've followed my past posts, we've had trouble with a previous, teacher, bulling from other kids, and finally succeded into changing teachers. Where he has thrived and in an wonderful environment. I was terrified all the work of sight words, count to one hundred, for some reason something would go wrong yet again. But no on to first grade. I couldn't be prouder. His certificate is a reward for the both of us into the long hours of studing, and reading books to boost his words and skills, the endless counting to and from the bus stop, while cooking dinner, and for the not so fun of it. The sight words listed on each enteryway to a room, before and after entering into each room. Relief!!!! What a wonderful weight of my shoulders and his as well. A break for at least a week or two before furthering his skills, plus I love him reading Little Bear, and my Fairy tale books to me. Dinner went smoothly. While waiting for my daycare kiddo to leave and preparing dinner for the oven I sat and glanced at my computer scenn and couldn't believe what again and again I saw. My husbands sister posted she, and her wonderful boyfriend of 5 years were having a baby due in January. My first thought was it's a hoax, wait, now she wouldn't joke about something so wounderful. I was filled with such excitement and wonder!!! Such Blissfull joy!!! I'm a young 24 soon to be 25 year old mom to three boys, and yet to be an Aunt! To spoil a little niece or nephew has been a wish for the last year or two. To make cute little baby booties, and blankeys, razorback hats, and toys. Just at Fox's Birhtday I begged for a niece or Nephew from my sister-in-law. I'm so filled with joy at hearing a new baby will be with us in January. In the excitement Sebastian was reading the post from his Aunt while asking the words he didn't know. After finishing the post he turned and said A's having a baby today...."No, bud it''s be a while but no you'll have a small baby cousin in a few months." He too was filled with excitement. Now to start picking little neutral baby things to start making (most likely Razorback gear for now). I wish my dear sister-in-law and blissfull pregnancy and peaceful delivery!!! You're going to be an Amazing Mommy!!!

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