Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Morning Adventure

My Husband and I had had hopes of raising chickens, so started all the rsearch required. Got a few dummy books, coop building books and ganged up on the reading. We came a cros an add in the paper for our local Tractor Supply Store advertising chickens and all their supplies for a really low cost and figure now was the best time to invet on raising our own flock of egg layers. The morning before Easter we took a little adventure with the boys to the Beebe Flea Market. Sadly with it being a rainy day there was too much of a turn out with only one family that had brought chicks, lots of pigs, and goats. The kiddos got to experience the freh smells of the animals and had a blast looking at the animals. Luckily for us in Vilonia, a short drive away the Arkansas Backyard Poultry were having a swap meet. We found a small group of friendly families that had a small turn out of fellow member to come with their chickens. We let the boys pick out 2 Australorps, 2 Bared Rocks, and one Cinnamon Queen. Stopped by the Tractor Supply store to pick up a few needed items and the fun begins watching one lovely chicks become Chickens.

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