Saturday, May 4, 2013

Chicks to Chickens 5 weeks

Our chicks are now a little over 5 weeks old. In our city we aren't allowed to have roosters so veryday has been a fun filled observation as to what gender our chickens are. It's amazing that in just over a month our chicks have become almost fully feathered. Our CinnamonQueen is the hardest to tell if she is a boy or girl because she has both traits of rooster and hen. Every morning while getting my oldest ready for school in the morning my morning is full of chirps from hungrey chickens waiting to be for food. They eagerly wait in the corner of our make shift cage/brooder for the food and their water bowl to be cleaned from their bedding. Last week we took the chickens outside to introduce to the dogs and to get them use to both being outside and so the dogs with get use to their company and gradually settle down from wanting to eat our chickens. Our next adventure will be to plan and build a chicken coop.

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