Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend with My Bambinos

With school close to an end and summer fastly approaching, decided it would be a perfect weekend to go out and spend time with my Mighty Bambinos. Saterday we stopped in at a few flea markets close to our home. The kiddos lucked out with finding a few VHS movies for their toy room, as well as a few trucks to play with. As the each will tell you a boy can never have enough cars and trucks to crash and race around the house with. I surprisingly came across a few ziploc bags of yarn which were pretty good deals, just not good enough for my budget I had set for myself. Sadly I passed them up, And gladly so! At the last flea market we just happened to investigate before heading to eat landed a wonderful success. As I entered the booth full of stuffed animals my youngest bumped into a bag and beautiful yarn roll across the floor. Quickly I picked up the garabage bag to find a variety of different yarns, and needles, plus $5 marked on the bag. Now these are the bargins I love! Stopped for Pizza for three hungry boys, then home for a quick nap for all of us. Two quick trips for ferret food and dog food were next on the list of errands for the day. While at walmart the kiddos got to pick out candy for being wonderful. While waiting for dinner to cook, we set up the sleeping bags and pillows in the toy room and cuddled while watching one of the kids new movies. Sunday we got to spend the day together cleaning the house while listening to music and taking long breaks to play a few games. I'm looking forward to Sebastian last four days to be finished with school and spending a too short summer together before having to go back. On a plus side, I started a new project. I decided to cast on a new tam to put my dreads in. A lightweight yarn with a varigated grey and black which becomes a solid grey. Surprisingly I  have found grey to be a wonderful color to go with any wardrobe, handbag, and of course shoe.

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