Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Knitter Cleaning House

Naturally, as a Knitter/Crocheter half the fun is finding time to craft. So naturally many chores around the house tend to get left undone. Like the laundry and the dishes until silverware is of need to be used. Okay maybe not that much of a slacker on the household chores since the kids clean their own bedroom/toyroom. The Yarn room is off limits to all but mom, and the living room and kitchen stays pretty clean since they are in constant use plus dirty house and daycare kiddos. But their has been Lundry collecting in one of the living rooms chairs. With my husband being back at work the majority of the week I've finally decided the house was a mess and needed a strict cleaning. Luckily too this week my daycare kiddos have been of doing things with family and left me time to do a time consuming clean. first I went room to room getting rid of any furnitue that has been setting and collecting dust and has no purpose. The huge table in my yarn room that had become more of an annoyance for example. Or the extra coffee table taking up residence in the living had to go. Several shelves that too have been sitting in the bedroom had to go. Finally after collecting after 6 plus years went throu my wardrobe and got rid of anything I haven't worn in the last year. Everything that was too big, or that had been given that I simply felt guilty throwing out because of the giver. Two full garabage bags later, not only did the closet and the dresser thank me But so too did the hoarder that is me. the hoarder of yarn to improve my stash, finally decided to stick to my growing stash instead of the retf the non used item. The kiddos also helps me with their toy room. Anything baby wise that we had more than one of got added to a pile to give to Their Aunt expecting in January. Anything broken got dumped and what didn't get played with anymore went to a organization for the Oklahoma families.'s been a long week of cleaning the clutter so the houe can breathe again and the kids got to be a part of helping others. The kids and I even got to finish the week by playing outside, getting some sun, while I sit back and read The Yarn Harlets books, for the 20th or so time. I've gotten to finish one hat of the needles these week, a Razorback hat for the new little one starting the pile of soon to come baby things for my Niece or Nephew. Now what to make next, until we find out boy/girl...Better to start now!!!

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