Sunday, June 9, 2013

The begining to being Grandma

So it's the begining to being a grandma, (okay not really). Last week while visiting with the in-laws. The kiddos aqcuired new toys that they have had an endless amount of time playing with. Etch a sketches, they have been writting and drawing with that I'm sure my day care kiddos will love when writting our letters and names. Sun glasses for cool dudes I've been told. Backpacks, and an tape player with of course a microphone that my oldest Sebastian has been gaurding non stop. Along with all these priced treasures came three soccer chairs, and  two baby bears that come with a bottle to feed and they themselves hold. These have become the biggest hit with the kids. Making sure they are fed, changed, wrapped in their precious crocheted blankets I've made for Fox, and Declan. When the boys are taking naps they stay with grandma (me) to babysit and care for the said bears. I've had many a chuckles with how involved and creative they've become. Making beds, and tents, and little houses out of their legos, and blocks.

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