Saturday, October 12, 2013

Minions, Minions, and More Minions!

Just before Sebastian's birthday the Tribe took an adventure to see Despicable Me 2 with my dear husbands family. The boys were wonderfully behaved and sat quietly to watch the movie. Laughing at the silly minions being kidnapped and the silly misfit crew going being the funny critters that they are. For days the kids ran around the house singing BEE-BOOOP at each other and shooting everything/everyone with their imaginary fart blasters. So it was no surprise when my oldest asked that I make him a minion hat for his Birthday. Knowing me yes sadly it was finally finished two days after his actual birthday, but all the same he loved it. The boys love being involved in projects I make for them. Picking colors, and with these lovable minions they could each choose something unique to make the hats more their own. Now my precious oldest loves having things made for him, so naturally the younger boys like to go and play with his things while he is at school, so the poor kiddo has to find new places every few days to hide his minion hat and ect. With Declan being the next in the line of birthdays, for the kids, he too made his choice of how many eyes, hair or no hair, wicked or silly grin for his hat. Now two boys down and with Sebastian and Declan both having their own minion Fox decided to be my wild child and go for a one eyed minion. Now with a new little one on the way I have plans of making an Evil Minion Hat to use for an upcoming family picture to send out for Christmas this year announcing our new bundle of joy! These hats are so fun to make and always unique, Looking forward to casting this fun project on my needles for my nephew and many years to come!

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