Sunday, November 17, 2013

Big Ben

It's been almost three weeks since one of my precious fur babies past away. I've been devastated and finally at the point where I feel comfortable to bring the subject up. I was given this precious little boy in February this year from one of the families I babysit for who couldn't care for their two ferrets. His petco papers my Husband and I guessed him to be about two years old. Originally called Jack Sparrow, was renamed Big Ben. Short stout body of tan, with a white head and paws. So full of spunk and life. My little digger and chewer of carpets was always a blast to watch play with the other 7 and was the funniest with his little sounds of pig grunts for dooking. His passing was quite a shock and a personal heartbreak for me. After having done lots of research and learning everything there could possibly be learned on the caring of ferrets. I feel as though I failed the sweet fur baby. The ferret food the pet stores and other places have available for the ferrets can cause them to develop Insulinoma. Ferrets are designed to eat raw meat, with the wheat, sugar, and other grains it causes ferrets to practically become Diabetic. After a very successful transition from dry ferret kibble, to high protein cat kibble, then the last stage of raw meat. Ben suddenly after months of a healthy, life full of dooking, suddenly stopped eating and refused to take part of playing of any kind. Separating himself from the rest and simply wanting nothing else but to sit cuddled on my lap while I knit and crochet slowly went down hill. For the longest my oldest male Monster has been the one to most concern me. Rescuing him from a previous owner that kept him caged at all times with his Death patner Tree, (the owner had no idea as to her deafness) had owned them for a year thinking them to be no more important than that of a Guinea pig. Monster had no mobility in his legs and no desire to move around. It has been  a constant struggle with the stubborn old man to get him to eat, move, play. The constant held breath as I watch around the clock to make sure there was breath still in his Body. For the longest I've prepared myself as best as any ferrant can of the passing of Monster whom has Insomnia needing to be fed every four hours, constant care and high protein diet. It came as such a shock that Ben thriving with life suddenly with little sign, so little notice was the one I found with his last moments at 4 on a Sunday morning. Knowing there was nothing that could have been done to help him, and having to let nature take it's course. The death of any animal is devastating, whether it's a loved dog, cat, chicken, or goldfish. But this unexpected Death truly hit me hard. Though I've always had a family pet growing up, the ferrets have truly become as much my children as my three minion boys. Originally gotten for a Christmas present for the boys last year. The two ferrets, that soon became 8 within three months are my babies to care for, provide for, and to love and train. With little knowledge of the special care and supervision needled when with children and ferrets together. The hours of training the ferrets slowly over time became Moms. THe hours of bonding and admiration at the simplicist entertainment of watching  ferrets play and learn and thieve items. They became mine. Monster is thriving with life, for the first time in the year we have had him as well as the other 7 we have saved from unknowing owners to the care for ferrets. The loss of Ben after saving and bettering their little fuzzybutts feels like such a failure on my part.

It will be quite some time before this sadness leaves my heart, but everyday it becomes a little easier to breathe. I Love you my sweet Ben, may you go over the rainbow bridge and dook in happiness and peace!

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