Thursday, January 15, 2015

Full of Birthday Surprises, and Other Surprises

August is my dear mom's birthday. This year I wanted to make something a little different for her for her birthday, with my mother in law's, son's, and mothers birthday each almost a week apart from each other I get a little pressed for time to make each something from my precious stash of yarn. My mother in law loves unicorns. I have looked long and hard and tried several different pattern slowly finding my favorites to work with. Shortly afterwards I started working on my oldest son's presents a murloc from World Of Warcraft. All of my kids have become fascinated  by these creatures along with my husband a true fan of the game. Last year my youngest son had a snake made for him, which my oldest has continued to remind me to make one for him, for over a year his white snake has sat at my desk desk begging to be completed. So finally figured ot was time to finish it up for a happy kiddo on his birthday. A week later my mom's birthday came. My parents decided to get a hotel room with a pool so the family could all enjoy swimming and a nice relaxing time for the adults while celebrating her birthday. My mom is a huge fan of cats so I tend to try a new pattern for her collection of feline friends. Once seeing this laid back cat I had to make it for her. The Head is slightly stuffed and the body remains unstuffed. This tomcat has become my mom's travel companion, every time my parents travel tomcat hitches a ride to later send me pics of his lazing around. Love getting these little pictures to pop up on my emails first thing in the morning. On Father's Day, and Mother's Day I made my parents both scarfs. A Jack Skellington Scarf for my dad who in his old age has become a fan of the beloved Jack. This scarf sits in the back of my parents car where many admirers ask where it came from.  My mother's scarf came from a book she gave me two Christmas's ago, she loves to find beautiful books of patterns for me to make, each book she marks the pages with paper clips to the things she likes the most. One of the marked pages was to an Infinity Scarf. I made this scarf with some angora yarn in a light grey color. I immediately fell in love with the simplicity and elegant textures of this scarf. Upon giving her the scarf she was amazed to see something she innocently marked come to life in her hands. Another heart felt moment for myself seeing my work loved. A few years ago I made my grandmother some pumpkins, after she saw a set sitting at my mothers table during a visit. Well I received a request from my grandmother to make another set in purple for a younger cousin. My cousin loves to play with my grandmother's pumpkins and needed a set of her own to protect my grandmothers. After finishing the pumpkins I decided two playful purple unicorns would be a perfect fit for my Uncle's two precious girls. I too recieved a picture after they made it to there new home. So many precious things to make for the family I love!!!

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