Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Precious Nephew!

At long last this year I became an Aunt in January. This precious baby poor is such a delight to see. Being the crazy knitter/crocheter that I am this little handsome boy got to be spoiled with many hats, booties, cocoons, diaper wraps ant the like. Soon after he was born I'd forgotten the precious little gifts I had made this sweet, energetic bundle of cuteness until his mommy did something so unexpected it left me in tears, She had pictures taken with one of the sets I had made. I never thought my work worthy enough for such an honor and originally had brushed it off at the baby shower when it had been mentioned. It melts my heart to see my precious nephew wearing one of my handmade gifts and his splendid personality to complement the puppy set I made him. This little boy has my whole heart and many years to come of being spoiled with creations

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